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  1. Can we see each other again soon?
  2. I’m going on holiday.
  3. When do you leave for work?
  4. Would you like to watch a movie or go for a walk?
  5. Let’s play computer games now.
  6. They fell in love after their first %s.
  7. You can’t seem to stop reading this book. It %s be really interesting.
  8. Johanna is pretty good at %s photos.
  9. - I haven’t seen Stu for over a year. - Oh, he’s been studying %s.
  10. I didn’t say it was enough. Please, %s.
  11. Sally certainly was under %s that her dress would be ready on time.
  12. Bruce had nearly given up when it %s him that he’d been doing it all wrong.
  13. My friend %s his dog for a couple of years now.
  14. Bill has been with the firm since he graduated from college but he has always stayed %s.
  15. I’m starting to get worried. He’s driving here all %s.
  16. I’ll let you come with us %s your mother objects.
  17. It is utterly impossible %s the fact that the ferry service was discontinued last year.
  18. Our plane set %s on time but we still arrived almost 30 minutes late.
  19. We’ve searched every %s. The cat is nowhere to be found.
  20. That was your %s that led to this unfortunate outcome.
  21. Generally they don’t allow anyone to work in the lab %s.
  22. The police arrested him last week and he’s being %s with robbery right this moment.
  23. Don’t be ridiculous! Their idea for the wedding is %s.
  24. Come to the party! We’re going to have so %s fun!
  25. Our teacher is a great instructor. She always makes everything %s clear.

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